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Related post: Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 01:35:24 -0100 From: BillyTK Subject: Reaching the Bar/ collegeHey Guys, this is my effort. this is the obligatory part where I say if you aren't old enough blah blah blah... go away blah blah blah.... men having sex blah blah...if you like these things blah blah.... read on... and in anycase, have a nice day!If you'd like to contact me, please feel free, mailto:billytkcfl.rr.comEight o'clock Saturday morning was far too early for Robby to think about getting up. If it weren't for Kevin's friends' coming for dinner, he'd stay in bed till noon. As it was, he slammed his hand down on the clock he knew so well."AAAAaaaaaGGGHH!!!!" he groaned as he rolled over to bury his face in Kevin's neck.Kevin half woke up, throwing his arm ukraine nymphets underground porn over Robby. "Can't we just stay in bed all morning, babe???" Robby reached down to grasp the cock he knew would be stiff with morning wood."I wish! After the fuck you threw me last night, I deserve a day's rest!"Kevin reached down to grasp his lover's ass cheek. virgin nymphets shy "Would you believe me if I said I was sorry?" His face still in Kevin's neck he answered, "No." Kevin chuckled before he asked, "Why are you going through so much trouble for these guys? They'd be just as impressed with a case of imported beer and a pizza supreme!" Kevin knew the answer. Robby was just looking for an excuse to show off his cooking. It didn't bother Kevin; Robby was very good at it. But at the moment, he'd rather stay in bed to see about finding a place to stick his morning wood. Kevin was half-consciously caressing the ass crack he knew so well, stroking it and teasing the little rose."Mmmmmmm! I'll give you a week to cut that out!" Robby said as nymphet playhouse he curled up tiny nymphet child a little closer to the man in his bed so that Kevin could reach his ass better--even if it was still a little sore after the late night they'd had. His eyes still shut; Kevin got a little smirk on his face as he slid his middle finger into his boyfriend's ass. He felt Robby pull against him, his ass push out, and his face nuzzle close. He loved the remarkable ways he could get his lover to respond by the simplest of actions."OOoooooOOOooo, Keeeeeevin!!!" Robby said with his face buried in the hairy chest of his friend. "I really need to get to the market," he whined. As an after-thought, very youngs nymphette porno he added, "And don't you have a lunch date with your study group??"Kevin answered, "That's three hours toplist nymphets vagina away. I got plenty of time until then."With that he rolled nymphets russian little over on Robby and dug his finger a little deeper.. Robby moaned more appreciatively. Kevin loved the uninhibited way Robby expressed himself, tight nymphet ass especially verbally. Soon Robby was spreading himself out on his belly, opening himself up to his boyfriend and his probing fingers, for now there were two in his slightly sore ass. He moaned, not in pain but in contentment and pleasure.Kevin grinned to himself: how could a guy 10 years his senior turn into such a little boy for him. Sure, part of it was his good looks and his naturally young face; Robbie's whole family was similarly blessed by this genetic trait. But it was also his mannerisms, his desire to please, his playfulness, and his boyish charm. Several of Kevin's friends seemed to particularly hate the fact that Robby still got carded when they didn't. Kevin loved the tight little body that was his to play with. As much as Robby might complain about being sore and having stuff to do, he also knew the decision was his as to what happened next.As Kevin thought about it, his finger instinctively went to the little organ that could bring Robby to a climax without even touching his dick. He rubbed it gently, bringing a loud, soulful moan from his sprawling partner. He grinned; he loved the power he had at times. But he decided his partner had been right: both of them had things to do that morning. And while he would never ever consider letting Robby think he'd actually "won" an argument-as long as the decision was nymphets photo free his, he could occasionally bend with the wind. So with another pass of his finger over the prostate and another loud moan of pleasure, he withdrew his finger and climbed out of bed."Heeeey!" moaned Robby, still spread out over the studio 13 nymphet covers. Kevin grinned to himself, "I thought you were too sore and you had stuff to do," he teased. He 14 yo nymphet left the room and waited for his hard-on to subside so that he could rid himself of last night's wine and cappuccinos. Suddenly, there was a warm hand on his shoulder and a set of lips pressed to his back. "I love you but sometimes you are such a maniacal bastard-you do realize this-right?" Robby moaned into the soft warm skin beneath his lips.While freeing his bladder, Kevin said, "I have it on good authority that you'd get bored and leave me if I weren't, Baby." He shook his penis and stepped aside for his shorter friend as he went to brush his teeth. "Who the fuck told you that?" Robby said in his sleepy voice. "You did, Baby," Kevin whispered in Robby's ear, getting toothpaste foam all over it. An hour later they were both ready, Robby dressed casually for a day at the market, Kevin wearing a sharp shirt, slacks and the tie that Robby had just bought him.Kevin was wondering if he should mention where the lunch was gunna be. Robby was great about his bisexual issues. Not only had they nymphet hottie galleries discussed them at length, but they had also agreed to talk about them if anything came up. But was eating lunch with a few guys at a female strip club worth bothering him over? Since nothing was going to happen, he decided to just ignore the issue. No sense bothering Robby over nothing. Robby and Kevin walked down the stairs together, Robby bouncing in his "I'm going to spend money at the market" way, Kevin grinning at underground pedo nymphet porn his 35 y/o boyfriend who might as well have been going on 20 sometimes. They kissed at the garage. Robby bounded out the side door. Robby loved the South Beach markets, all the exotic foods, the great breads and pastries, the nymphet non nude galleries exotic people from all over the world, the general atmosphere of the nymphets kidz market place. He loved to cook for his friends, Kevin's friends, and basically anyone with moderately good taste. He especially loved to cook for Kevin. He was s-o-o-o-o easy to please. When Robby cooked for Kevin, Kevin tried to please Robby in return. When Kevin pleased Robby, all was nymphet webring good! Meanwhile, Kevin arrived at Mon's Venus a little early, because traffic had been usually light. Even at 11:00 a.m., the bar was dark and dank inside because it looked like midnight rather then noon. Amazingly, there were people there even at that time of day.Soon his fellow law students would be arriving to discuss the ominous BAR EXAM.Even before he'd met Robby online, this wouldn't have nymphet picture links been his first choice of serie girl nymphet study areas, but Tom and Davis had made the decision, and he'd made a point of telling them that even if he were living with his boyfriend now, he was still the same Kevin they'd known before.and that he was still up for things like this. He had tiny russian nymphets the distinct impression that they'd begun to test him on this, trying to locate the extent of his boundaries, but so far this had only been minor stuff. Robby spent all morning making the tangerine and ginger brandy glaze for the Salmon steaks. The asparagus and russian bbs nymphets sugar snap peas were as fresh as he liked them, and everything else seemed right. He hated how empty the house seemed without Kevin to fill it, but he was ok by himself. He'd lived on his own. How could this be any different? Still, thoughts of Kevin's constant sexual overtures, thoughts of how Kevin had almost shot him off the side of the bed last nymphetillegal night, and thoughts about what Kevin could possibly see in a guy his age, these musings kept him company as he prepared the food.At 4:45 he looked at his watch for the fifth time in 15 minutes and sighed, Kevin was never this long at a study session during the weekend and at daytime. He was wondering what was up, if he was getting upset for nothing at all. At 5:17 the door opened and a set of keys were tossed onto the table by the door."MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Smells GREAT!!!" Robby heard Kevin say in a slightly slurred voice. A minute later he felt Kevin's arms encircle his waist and a familiar nuzzle on his neck. Just as he was gunna turn, a whiff of stale cigarette smoke and staler beer hit his nostrils, "CHA-RIST!" He snorted, "What booze hall did you crawl out of????" Kevin stopped abruptly, "Do I really smell that bad?"Worried that he might have hurt Kevin's feelings, Robby quickly turned with a smile, teenage nymphets land adding, "Nothing a quick shower and a new set of clothes won't cure baby!"Kevin took the hint and turned to go to the bathroom. At the door he stopped, singing out, "Oh, Robby?"Robby turned and looked at the 6'2" man with the free pics nymphets wonderfully hairy chest, the short brown hair and the intensely savvy, brown eyes. "Yeah?" Robby asked with a smile."You wanna join me?" Kevin was serious, and Robby did, in fact, want to join him. but he really had too much cooking to leave just then. His face said all Kevin needed to know as he slipped into the bathroom. "Oh well, your loss!" And then the door closed.Robby returned to the food but thought to himself that he really needed to find out where Kevin had been. Drinking and sitting in bars weren't part of his usual study habits; he took his studies as paramount in his life. At times, Robby felt, even he had taken second seat. Still, he thought, he wished only the best for Kevin. How could he reasonably expect Kevin to just drop everything he'd been doing for his youg nymphet little whole life to kiss his forehead? Then he grinned, cause when Kevin did drop his books to kiss his forehead, it was all the more special. An hour after the shower had gone off,, Kevin was still in the room, Robby knew he wasn't asleep due to the noises, but he had no idea what Kevin was up to, and there was no sense trying to yell over Kevin's LED ZEPPLIN 4 CD. Robby had realized some time ago that he was no match for Robert Plant's voice and Jimmy Page's guitar, not to mention John Bonham's drums. Finally, Robby got to a point where he could take a break from cooking and went in to find Kevin piling clothes on the bed. As he was about to thank Kevin for helping with the laundry, he saw Kevin toss a pile of clean shirts, HIS shirts, on the messy bed."What the hell are you doing????" Robby asked, annoyed yet polite, from the doorway? Kevin popped out with a smile, "Deciding what we're wearing tonight." Then as he nymphet collection looked at the messy bed, he added, "Don't worry, Baby, I'll put this all back when I'm through." Still dressed only in his towel, he stepped over to Robby, grabbed Robby firmly by the shoulder, and pulled him into an abrupt but thoroughly passionate kiss.Kevin enjoyed the way Robby went from stiff and disinterested to a malleable boy lost in the moment, wanting only to give himself to that kiss from his lover. Kevin finally released Robby from the hold he had on him, at least the physical one. Kevin smiled and bent over to swat Robby playfully on the ass. Robby smiled broadly and bounced out of the room. Kevin watched and decided he nude nymphets portal needed to check Robby's ID card. He laughed to himself, thinking nn nymphet videos of Robby getting into the nymphet models link local gay bars at age 10 with a really good fake ID. "KEV-in" Robby finally yelled after the doorbell had rung three times. He couldn't stop stirring or watching the fish, so he needed Kevin to get the door."KEEEVVV!" he began to yell before a deep voice yelled back, "GOOOOOOOTTTT IT!" Robby soon heard talking and a laugh from the other room as Kev popped in to announce: "Joe and Larz are here. They say Patrick is right behind them." "Well make them a drink and finish setting the table will you please, Baby?"Robby tried not making it sound like an order, and Kevin didn't take it as such. elite nymphet boys Still, Kevin thought, it was so much easier tossing beers at them and ordering pizzas.After a few minutes Robby heard the door open and soon felt hands around his waist as a chin rested on his head and a deep voice said, "Well that smells damned good, Robby!""Thank you, Larz. You wanna grab a bowl of hollandaise sauce while you're here?" Robby wasn't sure how to take Larz. The last few times they'd been together, he'd gotten the distinct impression that Larz was being more then casually bbs nymphets com flirtatious."For you? Anything Robby!"Robby turned to face the stove, not sure how to take Larz. He was one of Kevin's gay law students, but he still gave him a weird feeling. Robby had to admit though that Larz was attractive enough, at 6'4", blond, nymphete photo and blue-eyed. Larz left the impression that he KNEW it, and that made him less desirable. At dinner, Kevin and Robby sat at the head of the nymphettes teen table with the other three filling in the empty chairs. The dinner went over famously; the food was scarffed down with exuberance. At one point Larz looked Robby in the eyes and said "My Dear, this is the best food I've eaten since I was in Tuscany last summer! You are a veritable chef!"Robby blushed and looked down; he hoped Kevin didn't see the look Larz gave him.Kevin did see it, and despite his best intentions, he didn't like Larz very much. Still he said and did nothing, Kevin was new to this lifestyle, so he didn't understand all the complexities of it. But he trusted his instincts and wasn't happy. After dinner, they were getting ready to go out when Kevin said they would have to wait. Robby had to go nymphets nude movies change before going out since he'd been in the kitchen all day.Robby looked at Kevin for a second, grateful to be getting leotard nymphets out of those particular clothes but also ukrainian nymphets magazin sensing that Kevin was up to something. "Go on, I picked your clothes out to save time. They're on your dresser." Robby rose, excusing himself, not taking his eyes off Kevin, as if by staring at his inscrutable partner he could glean some clue as to what Kevin had planned. Experience had taught him already that arguing, trying to outwit, and lol nymphets non nude trying to plan a surprise on Kevin were useless. So Robby strode from the room while Kevin entertained the guests.Robbie illegal nymphets sex site could hear the banter and laughter as he went into the bedroom, which, true to Kevin's word, was as clean as he'd found it earlier that day. little naked girls nymphets On the bed lay his dark grey sport coat and favorite pants, a white shirt, a metallic maroon patterned tie, his black shoes. Everything down to his underwear was picked out for him. This had never happened before, leaving Robby curious until he noticed the hole in the back of his underwear. Robby had a sly grin as he stripped to shower quickly in the bathroom. After a quick washing and rinsing, he stepped out to quickly dress. He grinned in the foggy mirror as he put his "chosen" pair of underwear on. The hole nestled right against Kevin's favorite spot. Kevin had picked his coat carefully the day they'd gone to pick it out; it went perfectly with Robby's short, narrow build. The slight pin striping accentuated Robby's build as much as the colour did his soft brown eyes and darker complexion. Fully assembled, Robby paused to look nymphets nude teen in the mirror, took the gold hoops that Kevin had bought him, placed them in his ears, carefully looked over his goatee and beard, looked at his hair, put a little spray of Izzy Miyaki on. "Viola," he thought, "DONE!" Although his entrance was for Kevin, Larz stole the moment by whistling and commenting that he wished he could find nymphet galerry nude a guy who could dress so well. Robby, trying to appear complimented and not like a piece of meat, said, "Thanks, Larz, I'm sure a guy as."While searching for the word, Larz smiled and added, "Studdly???"Robby smiled weakly: little school nymphets "Yeah, a guy as "Studley" as you are won't have trouble finding a guy." He very purposely didn't add top child models nymphets anything about "keeping him" or "what kind of guy that might be" though. As the rest were ready, they set out, Joe, Patrick and Larz in one car, and Robby and Kevin in Kevin's Miyata. At the club they spent a few minutes getting drinks. Patrick saw a friend he needed to go to talk too while Joe found a friend with obviously gym-built perfection to chat with. Meanwhile, Kevin leaned over and bit Robby on the neck. "Why are we here again?" He whispered in Robby's ears. Robby moved against Kevin and sighed...Content to let the world pass him by as he languished with the man he loved.Arching his neck back so he could speak to the big man behind him, he said with closed eyes, "Cause your friends wanted to go out as a group, and you never do anything with them," he said as his cheek brushed against the strong chin of Kevin, who was holding him from behind. Suddenly Kevin moved his head forward, allowing their lips to brush against each other as Kevin took the mouth beneath his. Tongues teased each other as lips locked, and two bodies nymphets no nude modles made this difficult form of kissing possible. After a few moments, Kevin lifted Robby up in a tight hug.. Still kissing Robby as he put his boy- friend down. Kevin broke the kiss to nudge Robby's ear. "I still can't get over all this,"he half-whispered and half-kissed into Robby's sensitive ear.Like an extension of Kevin, Robby formed perfectly to the body of the much larger guy behind him. Still offering his ear to the gorgeous man who held him, he said, "Whatda ya mean?"Readjusting his stance behind Robby, Kevin held him tightly, whispering, "You!"He thought for a minute as he realized that didn't make much sense. "I mean You, ME, US. Having a boyfriend."Robby, being a little worried by this, put his hands over the big arms in front of him: "I nymphets b bs ummm hope you aren't saying that."Before Robby could finish, Kevin held him tightly: "No, I love you. It isn't that." He was quiet for a second. Robby allowed him this time, knowing how new all this was to Kevin. "I never thought it could be this way with a guy; I always thought with a guy that things would be somehow."Robby turned to face his confused boyfriend. "You mean 'Different'? Right?"Robby asked to Kevin's chest.Kevin scooped down and picked Robby up so that they were face to face, his hands on Robby's butt and Robby's arms wrapped around his neck. "Yeah, different Robby, not." He was uncharacteristically silent as he tried to formulate his position.Ordinarily, this was a given and unwavering thing: Kevin's "Position" was formed by legal cute kitten nymphet precedence, the constitution, and the sure-cut belief system he'd formulated. And while he would have fought to the nymphets top model raw for ranchi naked nymphets the rights of two men to live together, he wasn't yet certain where "he" fell on this issue.Robby leaned forward and kissed Kevin's lips. "Baby, you don't have to tell me now. I know how you feel, and how much you care for me.. That's all I need for now!" Smiling a huge smile, Kevin wrapped Robby up in his arms and kissed him passionately. "AHEM!" Larz said rather loudly. 'There are OTHER people here you two realize?" he added as he broke the lovebirds up. Quickly, Robby and Kevin realized that they were in a small crowd of people mostly watching them. Smiling, Joe said, "Kev, Robby, this is John, Pete, Ryan.." As Kevin realized he would have to shake hands, he set Robby down, smiling and shaking hands. "Sometimes," he thought, "the schmoozing was just too much to deal with." After an hour or so of schmoozing, a task that Kevin was grateful his little friend was better at than himself, the crowed began to dissipate. Kevin watched with a smirk as Robby brought drinks back for several of the crowed. If Kevin's mind ran to such things as social maneuvering, he thought, he could have done worse than his own social butterfly. As Robby passed out the drinks underage nymphetts to the small crowed, he squeezed in against Kevin nudist nymphets model even though Larz had nymphets little made a clear spot by him for "anyone" who might need a less crowded spot. As Robby took his unobtrusive spot, leaning against Kevin, he felt one of Kevin's large arms thrown casually around his shoulder, so he leaned into it. After a while, the two were snuggling in the corner of the crowd.Larz had captured the spotlight, most thoroughly enjoying it. All of a sudden Robby seemed to lose his grasp on his drink. Fortunately, Kevin's hand was right erotic nymphet there to grab it and set it on the counter behind them. What the crowed didn't see was Kevin's hand on the back of Robby's pants, or his finger pushing through the seam nymphets blue that Kevin had cut, and through the seat of Robby's underwear. Right up to his small little rose bud. In a matter of seconds, his beer-slick finger was creeping up the hole, causing Robby to open himself to the entry but to behave so as not to alert anyone. Kevin smirked at his this. Not one for games usually, he had been sure that Robby had grown bored of just vanilla sex. While nothing could have been further from the truth for Robby, there was also no way he could refuse Kevin anything, no matter how out of the ordinary it might be. And his insistent hard-on was proof though, fortunately, the lighting and the density of the crowed were such that this fact was hidden.Kevin's finger slid in and out easily, slowly fucking his lover in front of a dozen other guys. Robby melted further and further against Kevin, allowing a second finger to enter eventually. The slow fucking was causing Robby extreme pleasure and utter frustration at the same time. Finally, he could no longer hide it as Kevin hit that magic point. Robby lost leg control and fell fully against Kevin, his face flushing slightly.Although Joe had seen from his angle what "might" have been going on, he'd assumed it was just groping through the pants, smiling but saying nothing. However, Larz darklist nymphets wasn't so inclined. In front of everyone, he exclaimed, "OH MY GAWD! Will you two stop it please????" Then he reached out and grasped Robby, dragging him away from Kevin.Fortunately, Kevin had taken his fingers out, resting them on the bar a moment earlier. "Listen you two!" Larz spoke loudly, "You are too cute for words and too hung up on each other." very young nymphets amateur Then he looked at the body builder friend of Joe's and said, "Are you going to dance, Honey?" When the black-haired body builder smiled back at Larz, happy for the attention, Larz announced to the group, "Well Bucky, Robby, and I are off to dance, have fun!" It didn't bother Angelo that Larz had called him Bucky. No one ever remembered his name, and if Larz wanted a threesome, who was he to argue? Robby wanted to get back to Kevin, who even then looked suddenly pissed, but couldn't fight the gym bunnies he was now surrounded by. In fact, it seems under the careful ministrations of Larz, at least one gym bunny was giving Robby's ass a good grind. Robby had been caught off guard, first by Kevin's fingering, second by Larz's surprise, and third, by Angelo's forwardness. While this was certainly far from NOT enjoyable (indeed, Robby prepubscent nymphets photos had danced like this for years with any number of guys), at the moment, he looked over to see Kevin looking a bit upset at him and talking to Patrick. When Larz took Robby away so easily, Kevin decided then and there he didn't like him, not even a little. But he trusted that Robby would be able to get right back."Fuck!" he thought, "This is so fucked up." At least at a straight club, the games nymphets girlr nude are a little hidden, "and besides," he thought, "at least I know what THOSE games are!"Suddenly Patrick was next to him with a bottle of Guinness for him. "Here you go mate!" Patrick smiled, handing Kevin the beer as he took a swig of his own. "Man, that Larz is unreal. I didn't think he'd actually go for Robby right in front of you!"Kevin had hardly paid any attention to Patrick since dinner, a nice enough looking guy with reddish brown hair and amazingly pale skin for the south. But Patrick's words hit him hard. "What do you mean???" he snapped at Patrick.Patrick, taken aback a little, looked at Kevin. "Listen, I'm sorry. I forgot you didn't know that much about Larz.." At that Patrick looked over at the threesome on the dance floor. Robby, at 5'5", barely showed above the shoulders on the floor, and Kevin wasn't happy that he all he could see clearly was Larz grinning. Patrick followed Kevin's gaze and put a hand on his shoulder, "This is what Larz does: he takes guys whom he wants. And Larz likes them small. It makes him feel more powerful with them.You aren't the only guy; look at Joe."With that Kevin looked over at Joe. He too was gazing at the dance floor with a forlorn look on his face. Kevin turned around, looking Patrick in the eye. "Not Robby, he's not like that! I'm sorry for Joe, but he was mixed up with a gym bunny, what did he expect. But NOT Robby!" Patrick looked at the dance floor for a second, then at Kevin."Yeah, a 3- year-old guy who can pass for younger would never get off innocent nymphets galleries on two 25-year- old guys fighting over him."Kevin looked at Patrick with a mixture of hurt and denial, "NO, not Robby!" As Robby danced and tried to stay away from the two boys dancing with him, Larz and Angelo closed in on him, Every time he tried to get away, Larz headed him off.But at least he was keeping his little hole a secret. Thankfully the sport coat hung low enough to cover his little "opening." Above the broad, rhythmic shoulders, Robby could barely make out Kevin. All he saw was Kevin talking to nymphets free pic Patrick. "Well, at least he wasn't too upset,' Robby mused. When he saw Kevin looking his way, he smiled at him, signaling him to relax because he'd be coming back. Of course, all the bodies in between and the quick intervention of Larz's huge body cut that signal short."Dude, I'm sorry!" Patrick was saying as he handed Kevin his fifth Guinness.Kevin turned around from the dance floor. "Maybe you two should think about an open relationship," Kevin heard banned nymphets galleries Patrick say.Robby had just looked at him and smiled like it was all right that he was with Larz and the gym bunny. "Had he made ANY attempts to get off the floor?" Kevin wondered. Suddenly, he saw Robby with his arms up, waving, sandwiched between Larz and Bucky. As Patrick turned to put his arm around Kevin in solace, Kevin exploded, "FUCK YOU! Fuck your 'open relationship'!!! FUCK LARZ!!! And Tell Robby, FUCK HIM too!" With that, Kevin turned around and headed for the door, followed closely by Patrick."Maybe you need to calm down before you drive, Kevin!" he was shouting as they stormed past Joe.As Joe turned to see what the drama was, he caught up to Patrick. "What the fuck is going on?" Joe yelled at Patrick. Then he yelled, "Is he really gunna drive like that?"As the crowd poured in to erase the fact that Kevin had been there, Patrick turned to Joe and said, "SHIT!!! He wasn't supposed to storm out like that!!!" Joe looked at him not understanding at first. As he looked in Patrick's eyes, he saw exactly what they had done. He pushed Patrick out of the way like a used piece of garbage. "HEY!!!!! What the fuck??" Patrick yelled after him.Joe got to the floor and, as quickly nudist nymphet pic as he could, reaching the three dancing figures.Every time Joe made a move to reach Robby, Larz stepped in the way. Finally, Joe got tired of Larz stepping between them and nymphets land ls shoved him hard into a muscle boy who turned around ready to fight. "ROBBY!!! We have to go!!!" Joe yelled over the music. Not understanding but seeing the desperation in Joe's voice, Robby gave Joe his hand and they got to the sidelines quickly enough. As they got to the door Joe began to explain what had happened. Robby was overcome by fear, both of what Kevin had thought and at what he might do in his state. Unfortunately, Patrick had driven and Joe had no car with him. "Wait here, I'll get a cab," he said as he ran to the side of the building.Robby was waiting anxiously when a big hand fell on his shoulder and spun him around. "WHERE do you think YOU'RE going?" Larz's voice was low and deep and full of frustration. Robby was so angry he just turned his back on Larz. Several bystanders were watching the unfolding drama already. "DON'T turn your back on me! I said, where are you going?" Larz repeated with a demanding and acerbic tone.Abruptly Robbie's fear was gone. Larz withdrew his hands as two fiery eyes fixed upon him. "Get your hands off me, NOW!" A sharp, acidic voice hissed as he turned around to face the taller boy. Unexpectedly, Robby was possessed by something quite beyond himself. He stood up and pointed his finger at Larz. Larz backed up, pale."Ruining the lives of your friends and anyone who is happy--is that how you get off, you Pathetic, miserable whore???" Larz was looking not only at the little ball of fury before him but at the crowed gathered around him, looking on. "So YOU thought you were gunna get ME??? YOU??? With what? Your plastic smile, your half-hard dick? WHAT??? What did you think that YOU could offer sweet little nymphet pics me that I didn't already have??? WHAT???"Larz was backing into a line of spectators when he ran into Joe. When Joe pushed him, Larz turned around, white-faced and unsure of himself. Joe looked at him a second, anger etching his face. He spat on Larz's face. Wiping it away with his sleeves, Larz stood there. A few people began laughing, then a few more, and soon he couldn't stand it, so he ran off to the parking lot.Meanwhile, Joe and another guy Robby didn't know came over. "Come on! We've got to hurry!" Joe then introduced Robby to Terry as they ran.Things were quiet for the first few minutes after they climbed in Terrie's car.Laughing, Terry said, "I'm sorry guys, I know this is serious, but I've waited two years to see that ass hole go down. That was beautiful!"Joe spoke sternly: "That two faced bastard better not show his face again." Then he added "Or next time I'm gunna let Robby finish him off." He smiled at Robby though he knew it wasn't gunna have any effect. "We're nymphet 11 almost there bud... He didn't get out that much sooner then we did."Robby looked into Joe's face his own scared and pale. "That BASTARD ate at my house.. I wanted to be his friend for Kevin. Why would he do nymphets land pics this to us?" Then a pre nymphettes nudes tear welled up in his eyes, "Ohhh god! Kevin!!! He has to know that nothing would happen!" Joe reached up from the back seat to squeeze Robbie's shoulder.Terry added quietly, "Larz has been doing this crap since he got to school here..Maybe now it will be over for a bit. We aren't all like that Robby, just remember that, OK?" At the apartment neither Joe nor Terry went in; instead, they waited a while to see if Robby would be all right with Kevin. Robby took the stairs to their apartment three at a time. He was grateful Kevin had left the door unlocked when he'd come in. Upon entering, he heard the bedroom door slam, "GET OUT!!!"Not fearing Kevin in the least, Robby pulled the door open and stepped cautiously inside, "KEVIN?" Kevin stood young teen nymphets nude there looking a bit like an angry cop, full of righteous indignation, hurt, pissed, and betrayed. Slowly, and nymphet in nylon with great caution, Robby went forward. "It was a lie, all a lie Hon. Patrick and Larz wanted to split us up; that was underage nymphets net their plan from the beginning!" Robby couldn't help himself as the words started pouring out of him.Taking this in, Kevin looked at Robby a little less accusatorially. "What are you talking about?" he asked. Robby broke down, all the little nymphets sluts nights' drama pouring out of him.As he was telling how he had backed Larz up and yelled at him, he felt Kevin's hands on his shoulders. This was all the permission he needed to bury his face on Kevin's shoulder and cry for a little while. It wasn't his ordinary reaction to problems, but almost losing his boyfriend and fighting with Larz had taken their toll. They held each other quietly, each lost in thought. Finally, Robby straightened up, looking Kevin in the eyes: "Trust," was all he said. Kevin cocked his head to the side, not understanding it completely. "I mean, that's what we did wrong, not trusting. If we had, neither of those two SOBs could have touched us."Kevin thought for a second, pulling Robby to him. "You're right." Was all he said, the alcohol still evident in his eyes and speech. Robby was quiet for a second; then he said softly, "Like I trust that wherever you ukraine nymphets went to study today, even though I know it had to be a strip club, that you behaved."Kevin looked at Robby and grinned. Kevin might win the legal arguments, but there was no trying to get away from Robby's intuition. "Yeah, we went to a strip club.. It wasn't my idea but."Robby put his fingers to Kevin's lips. "It isn't important, Kevin. I trust you!"That brought an immense squeeze from Kevin. Kevin finally lay down on the bed, kicking his shoes off and pulling Robby down next to him. He cuddled for a bit until Robby said, "What is my favorite scene from a movie?"Kevin held Robby close, saying, "Easy, the funeral scene from "Steel Magnolias.""Ok, what's my favorite Comfort food?"Kevin thought for a second. "You have two, Cheese cake, or if you're feeling fat, Sugar Pops."Robby smiled then asked, "And what's my favorite song, Kevin?""Trick question, you don't have one." Then a thought came over Kevin, and he bolted from the room without an explanation. Upon his return, he squatted by the CD player, set a CD in, and grabbed the remote. Then he turned to Robby, extending an arm."Would you please?" He asked. "I've been going through your CDs and found a bunch I like. This one is a CD I have been working on for you." Robby smiled and gave Kevin his hand and was lifted to his feet.Suddenly they were face to chest, cheek to forehead, and then the soulful voice of Etta James began to croon: "At laaaaaaast, myyyyy looooove has come along. nymphets younger My lonely days are over, and Liiiiife is like a song! . Ohh yeah yeah, AT LAST, the stars above are blue-ue, my heart was wrapped in clover, the night I looked at you.I found a dream I could speak to- A dream that IIIII can call my own. I found a thrill to rest my cheek to, a thrill that IIIIIIII nude nymphet boys have never known!!! Ohhh yeah yeah, you smile, you smile, ooooohhh and then the nympheta underground spell was cast.. And here we are in heaven. For YOU ARE MINE..AT LAAAaaAAST!"Slowly they rocked back and forth, emotions threatening to erupt in Robby's eyes.The Gesture of Kevin's didn't escape Robby, Kevin listened to 70's era arena rock, he adored Queen, so his playing Etta James was even that much more romantic. As they danced, Kevin finally decided to answer that question he'd tried earlier in the day. "When I was with Stephany before, I had always assumed that a guy couldn't be like this.. I mean, romantic. I KNEW they could, but I didn't expect it.does that make sense?"He said to the top of Robby's hair."I don't know, Hon, for someone whose gunna make a living with words, you sure can be vague," Robby teased.They were quiet for a few moments when Kevin spoke again: "What I was trying to say is I didn't think I could feel this way, that 'I' could feel so totally in love with a guy. and that I had NO expectation that a guy could feel this way for me. BUT that now that it has happened, I have never been happier in my life. There, is that clearer?"At first Robby didn't say a word. Then slowly, Kevin brought Robbie's face into view. There was no hiding it from Kevin. Robby's two eyes had gotten puffy. Rather than turn him off, Robby's endeared him all the more to Kevin. Kevin bent down and lifted Robby, kissing him fully on the lips. Kevin's kissing went from soft and romantic to earnest and imploring. Kevin's hands were gently taking the shirt off Robby. Robby was so transfixed on Kevin's kiss that he didn't even realize his shirt was coming off till it hung on only on his wrists.Robby looked up to see Kevin grinning down at him. A sudden smile spread across Robby's face in response. He grinned, holding his wrists out to Kevin classic nymphet so the younger man could undo the buttons. When Robby went to undo Kevin's shirt collar, Kevin grabbed his wrists, grinning."NO!" was his only response. Robby grinned, dropping his wrists as Kevin reached down for his pants and unfastened them. A moment later, Robby stood naked before his asian nymphets top sites boyfriend, a hard-on between his legs."I hear make-up sex is the best," Robby said playfully as he stepped up to Kevin and nuzzled the space beneath his neck."Mmmmmmmmm, you have the best ideas!" Kevin said as he reached down and caressed the back and shoulders of his boyfriend. Fully clothed, Kevin looked down at his little friend, as he stood there naked, willing to do whatever his younger, larger friend wanted. Kevin caressed nymphets world photo his naked boyfriend tenderly; he enjoyed the feeling of power the situation gave him. He wasn't really one of those "daddy's" or anything. But he knew all relationships had a power structure, and he liked knowing his power was so tangible. He also realized that Robby was not without his merits; he exerted a great deal of energy and influence over Kevin. "Everything works out in the end,' he smiled to himself.Kevin began to circle Robby, he liked to look at Robby naked, and though he had every intention of having sex with him, there was also something different about having him naked and being fully dressed, "power" possibly."Damn, what a nice ass!" he said softly. Robby tingled, as he knew without looking that Kevin was reaching for him. The soft touch to his ass made Robby moan softly. Then, Kevin traced his fingertips up Robbie's spine causing him to shiver and a groan to escape his lips. Robby was extremely ticklish; it took a vast amount of trust for him to stand to there as Kevin dragged his fingertips across his goose bumps. Kevin stepped up to Robby and leaned over to nibble on his ears, "Do you know what kind of immoral and unnatural things I plan to do to your body?" Robby smiled, "not yet, but when you're done I younger nymphets naked have a nymphets rape few horrendous acts to perform on you too!" Kevin moaned in Robbie's ears as his fingers went around to his chest and pinched his nipples. Robbie's mouth hung open tiny art nymphets as he fell against Kevin, his skin alive with goose bumps. Taking one hand off the nipples, Kevin moved it down to the hard on jumping out between Robbie's legs and slowly jacked it. After a few minutes, Kevin stopped and walked around to face Robby again. Robby was busy trying to figure out what Kevin wanted next when Kevin lifted his leg, his knee caressing Robbie's belly. As Robby stepped back to look down he realized that Kevin wanted his boots off. Robby leaned down to remove Kevin's cowboy boots. It always seemed particularly sexy to Robby that Kevin wore cowboy boots.When Kevin was barefoot, Robby stood next to him, looking up as he nuzzled against Kevin's neck. A few minutes later Kevin was as naked as Robby. real young nymphets As Dinah Washington sang softly in the background, Kevin bent forward to kiss Robby. Robby felt pressure on his shoulders as Kevin slowly pushed him down to his knees.In a few seconds, Robby was on his nymphet bbs vids knees, grinning up at Kevin, his face nuzzled against Kevin's half-hard cock. Robby moved his face so that as taller Kevin's cock fell across his nose, his tongue could reach his hairy balls. Kevin gasped as Robby's warm wet tongue lapped at his low-hanging ball sacks. Robby loved the taste and feel of Kevin's balls, more so than even he'd believed he would. As Kevin rolled his eyes back and opened his mouth, Robby sucked a ball into his mouth. Robby sucked and rolled the ball around with his tongue before moving on to the next one. Kevin was moaning in appreciation, and his cock was rigid. Slowly, Robby moved his mouth up along the rigid cock and snaked his tongue out to lap at the head. Kevin reached down and grasped the hair on Robbie's head as Robby took Kevin's cock head and slowly moved his lips over it and sucked his way down the shaft.Kevin nymphet incest tube knew from much experience that Robby wouldn't stop till he got to the base. Finally, Robby felt Kevin's head slide into his throat and his pubic hair tickle his nose. As if that weren't enough indication that he had taken all of his boyfriend's dark desire nymphets cock, Kevin's guttural moan sounded the fact. And so up and down the appreciative staff nymphets nude pictures Robby slid, working his mouth and tongue and fingers like an expert to please his moaning friend. When Kevin's breathing and moans changed, Robby knew he was getting close, so he savored the taste of the flesh in his mouth as it slid in and out.Without warning, Kevin reached down and lifted Robby up. "Not tonight.Tonight we come together, Baby." Robbie's mouth was conquered with Kevin's tongue.Robby loved the feeling of Kevin's mouth kissing him. So caught up in the possessive kiss of Kevin was Robby that he nymphet girl photos barely recorded that he was being lifted. Robby realized with a little little strawberry nymphets grin that Kevin had whisked him up off the floor and was hugging him face to face. Kevin broke nymphets ukraine the kiss to pull his head back and look in Robbie's eyes."You are such an amazing guy, Robert Troy McDarrin. I am soooo glad all those other guys were too stupid to know what an amazing guy they let get away!"Robby blushed and turned his face away nymphet model gallery as Kevin easily maneuvered him for another kiss. Robby felt shameless nymphet portal like a puppet at the moment. Kevin was just moving him where he wanted, and Robby secretly liked it. They were kissing again when Robby wrapped his arms around Kevin as he brought his legs up and wrapped them around Kevin's waist.Kevin grinned as he moved his hands down to Robby's ass. The muscular ass was one bbs nude nymphets of the most amazing discoveries about Robby. In his clothes, he looked tobe average, but naked, he was a little powerhouse. As they kissed, Kevin wasted no time caressing and kneading Robbie's ass. With little warning, a long index finger worked its way up his ass, causing Robby to open his mouth and moan. At the same time, Kevin worked on Robbie's ear, flicking it with his tongue and gently nibbling on the lobe.Kevin reached down and worked his arms under Robbie's legs so that Robbie's weight was now on Kevin's arms while Kevin's forearms wrapped around his back.Robby knew he was being positioned over Kevin's cock. he could feel it pressing along his crack as he was lifted into position. Kevin loved the little, tight 130# body of his 5'5"boyfriend. It was so accommodating of every thought and position that Kevin could devise, but this was Robbie's favorite, and thongs little nymphets one of Kevin's too--to be fucked while standing.While one finger worked itself into Robbie's muscular ass, Kevin brought out a condom and used his free fingers to tear the package and get the little latex skin into place. With a big kiss, Kevin opened Robbie's mouth and moved his tiny pedo nymphets head as far back as he could go. "Are you ready, Robby?" he breathed in a deep raspy voice. Robby looked Kevin in the eyes and nodded, waiting for the deep probe that was about to come. With a little move, Kevin brought the head of his cock into contact with Robbie's delicate rosebud, a feeling that made both men moan. "Buddy, I'm there. Are you OK?" Kevin always asked, even though he knew the answer."Yeah, Hon, whenever you are," Robbie breathed as he hung in Kevin's arms like a puppet. With a little persuasion on Kevin's part and the help of gravity, Robbie's ass parted and allowed the rigid head of Kevin's shaft to slide inside. net nymphets sweet Robby bent his head forward and bit Kevin's neck in response. Even though both men were in the habit of moaning, tonight they were particularly sensitive and aroused. Kevin's cock was sliding quickly up Robbie's ass, quicker than usual.Robbie's biting and moaning was correspondingly fervent. "Ooooh, Baby, you feel soooo goood!" moaned Kevin in a lucid moment, as his cock somehow seemed even harder. Finally, Kevin hit the base of Robbie's ass and just rested there for a moment.Robby responded by moving his mouth with a loud moan to Kevin's ear nymphet nude cute little and taking it into his warm, wet mouth. With a thrust of his hip, Kevin brought his cock deep inside the ass he was holding. There it was. Kevin had his hands on Robbie's lower back, his fingers locked, and Robbie's knees bent over Kevin's arms at about the elbow. Slowly, Kevin brought his hips into play, fucking the man he loved with his 7- inches of thick Irish cock.Over and over, the cock slid into and out of the tight muscular ass. Every once in a while, Robby would squeeze his ass on Kevin's cock. Robby tossed his head from side to side, then leaning over backward and groaning long strings of nonsensical gibberish. Finally, Kevin got to the point where he needed to give in to the demands of his cock. He needed to let his hips take control and stop trying to harness them. With ever- nymphets bbs porn greater rapidity, Kevin's hips brought his cock roughly into Robby's ass, and Robby hung on to the larger man like a child as his guts were pounded. But Kevin was mindful enough to watch Robby. He hadn't forgotten his plan: they were going to achieve a mutual orgasm that night. He wasn't the kind of guy who easily or readily lost out on what he set out to do.Kevin knew from the way Robby was acting that it wouldn't be long now. Even without touching himself, Robby often had pretty impressive orgasms from only having his prostate massaged. Robby had lost all semblance of self-control, his head either hung backwards when he moaned, or it moved up to bite into Kevin's large shoulders. He bucked as much as he could, given his position. At last Kevin could russian nymphet toplist see Robbie's legs straighten out and his toes curl, the clue he was looking for.A second later, Kevin slammed his hips hard into Robby. Robbie's balls pulled up and poured his seed all over Kevin's belly. Robby hollered and clutched himself tightly against Kevin's hard body. There was too much naked kids nymphets to love about Kevin, his tight, large, hard body were certainly not to be overlooked among them.Kevin yelled a battle cry and dumped load after load into the latex that barely separated his flesh from the ass wrapped around it. Robby lost control and yelled as he tossed his head back and forth and dumped his cum all over Kevin's stomach. When he was done, he went limp and closed his eyes.Kevin grasped Robby one last time and hugged him close as he bit Robbie's shoulder and shuddered. For a minute, they stayed like that, neither one moving, the orgasms shuddering through them and slowly subsiding. Kevin walked to the bed and, holding Robby close, he fell backwards onto the bed. Robby nuzzled against Kevin's chest and lower throat, his face beneath Kevin's chin. As they regained their strength, Robby asked softly, "So this means you forgive me, right?" Kevin grunted, a grin covering his face."Can we do it one more time to help me decide?" Robby laughed, "Do you think YOU could do it one more time?" Kevin smirked and hugged Robby closely; Robby kissed Kevin's defloration nymphet forehead in a noncommittal response. Kevin grinned, "I thought you said you were to sore this young russian nymphets tgp morning.?" Kevin's shrinking cock plopped out of Robbie's ass. Robby lifted his head to look at Kevin. "I just realized something Kevin."Kevin looked Robby in the eye. "Yeah, Babe, what's that?"Robby snuggled closely to Kevin, hugging him tight. "My ass doesn't really hurt, not when you're fucking me.. It only hurts when you stop." With that, they held each other tightly and thought about that comment as they nude angel nymphet art fell asleep, closer than they'd been.
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